General School Notes

General Documents 2022

Coronavirus Information Sheet for Parents pdfsmall (184.2 KB)

Personal Projects Student Guide pdfsmall (4.7 MB)

Library Handbook 2020 pdfsmall (511.3 KB)

Systems at Gold Creek School pdfsmall (110.8 KB)

Roles & Responsibilities of Students pdfsmall (132.9 KB)

Roles & Responsibilities of Parents pdfsmall (131.0 KB)

10 Guidelines to Support GCS Parents & Carers pdfsmall (165.9 KB)

Managing Your Mental Health Online During COVID - 19 pdfsmall (2.1 MB)

YWCA Relief Flyer pdfsmall (113.3 KB)

Brochure Complaints-Talking with your School pdfsmall (146.1 KB)

Approaches to Learning (ATLs) pdfsmall (1.1 MB)

IB Learner Profiles pdfsmall (1.4 MB)

PYP ATLs pdfsmall (1006.1 KB)

Personal Projects Student Guide pdfsmall (3.8 MB)

PYP Programme of Inquiry pdfsmall (321.6 KB)

External Support Options 2020 pdfsmall (333.5 KB)

While You Wait Headspace 2020 pdfsmall (1.1 MB)

Defence Families pdfsmall (288.3 KB)

Y9_10 Electives Guide 2021 pdfsmall (526.3 KB)

Room_allocation_2022_JS.website_version.pdf pdfsmall (123.5 KB)

Medical Notes

Known Medical Condition Response Plan pdfsmall (148.9 KB)

Medication Authorisation & AdminRecord pdfsmall (219.8 KB)

Whole school general notes

Smooth Transition to Secondary School pdfsmall (417.1 KB)

OSHClub Parent Portal Info pdfsmall (627.1 KB)

Family Services Numbers pdfsmall (122.4 KB)

Family Change of Contact Details pdfsmall (284.2 KB)

GCS Leavers Form Junior Site pdfsmall (54.7 KB)

GCS Leavers Form Senior Site pdfsmall (144.0 KB)

Canteen Menu Term 1

2021 Canteen Menu pdfsmall (288.9 KB)

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