Junior Site - Preschool to Year 6

A key focus of our curriculum design at Gold Creek School is to create a love of learning through varied and stimulating learning experiences. These experiences should interest and engage students, helping them to relate new content to previous knowledge and make communications between school experience and the real world.

We acknowledge the vital importance of a strong beginning in learning and created a specific and specialised program for our youngest learners in Pre-School. We cater for the specific needs and requirements of the young brain and create simulating and engaging learning experiences for all children at this level.

The curriculum is planned and implemented with the aim of fostering competence in children in all areas of the self.  This play based approach to learning provides open-ended, hands-on experiences that allow the children to develop and progress and their own pace.

The Junior Site curriculum has been guided by the school's strong belief in providing a focused, practical and seamless curriculum, which is relevant to the children of our school, and is one which is based on current educational research and philosophy. All students from Kindergarten to Year 5 undertake the Australian Curriculum, which addresses the key learning areas: English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Languages other than English and Technology are guided by the Curriculum Framework for ACT Schools. These areas reflect the consensus about the best way of describing curriculum and collectively represent the major areas of human knowledge and behaviour.

Finally, underpinning all aspects of our curriculum is the school's strong commitment to the vital skills of literacy, numeracy and social cooperation and towards the integration of knowledge, skills and values across all learning areas. We believe it is this philosophy that assists the children at Gold Creek on the path to becoming lifelong learners.

International Baccalaureate

What does it mean to be a PYP (Primary Years Programme) learner? Watch this short video to find out more.

PYP Programme of Inquiry