Gold Creek School Uniform

Gold Creek School promotes excellence in all that it does. The school expects students to take pride in their appearance through the wearing of the correct uniform. The uniform identifies children with their school, promotes student allegiance and it also acts as a means towards providing equality amongst children, regardless of socio-economic background. The wearing of a uniform unites the school publicly, as well as being practical. The uniform supports occupational health and safety issues of safe and practical clothing particularly in workshops and practical areas.

The school uniform can be purchased from:

Lowes Schoolwear Online


Gold Creek School (Senior Site) Uniform Procedures

Uniform Expectations

The wearing of school uniform is regarded as a core behaviour expectation; in the same way as handing in homework and abiding by playground rules.

Satin, see-through or stretch skin-tight fabrics are not permitted. Tights and leggings are not regarded as suitable alone, because they are quite revealing and cause embarrassment for both staff and other students.

Students are asked not to ‘modify’ the uniform in such ways as tying it up at the back, shortening skirts or wearing visible different colours underneath.

Uniforms may be ordered through suppliers identified by the school. Any students or family experiencing financial difficulty may seek assistance in the purchase of uniform from the school’s ‘Equity Fund’.


  1. Students will be excluded from certain activities if they are not wearing school uniform.  These include but are not limited to excursions, formal occasions such as school assemblies and access to certain parts of the school grounds.
  2. Tutor Group Teacher counsels student on their uniform
  3. Tutor Group Teacher makes a phone call home to inform parents/carers of uniform infringement

Support from Parents and Staff

If students are unable to wear a school uniform on a particular day, they must have a written note from their parent or carer.

Staff will monitor student observance of the School Uniform Policy and, from time to time conduct a ‘uniform blitz’ to reinforce our expectations.

Parents are asked to support the school’s uniform policy by sending students to school in uniform each day, backing up the school’s request for support and for instances of non-compliance.

Authority for the Setting of School Uniform Policy

Our School Uniform Policy has been set by the School Board, which has the responsibility under the Education Act, for setting the policy and directions of the school.

The school uniform can be purchased from Lowes School Wear in Gungahlin or Chilada at Mitchell & Gungahlin.

Preschool & Junior Campus


Sky Blue check pattern Princess style with white collar & cuffs, maroon tab

Winter Pinafore

Pleats front & back, bib attached in sizes 4-10, detachable in size 12+ adj waist & shoulder

Girls Skort

Navy gabardine, front flap and side pocket


Navy gabardine elastic waist pants


Navy fleecy ‘girls’ style with pocket

Bike pants

Navy for under dresses or skirts


White short or long


Navy gabardine full elastic waist with side pockets


Navy Serge fabric, full elastic waist, zippered side pockets. Double knees.

Track pants

Navy fleecy double knees with zippered side pocket



School Backpack

Navy 3 compartment with waist strap, chest strap & reflector stripe with school logo on front

Polar fleece jumper

Navy full zip with school logo


Navy ‘layer’ jacket with GCS in white embroidered left side




Short/long sleeve Maroon with Blue collar & logo


Navy – bucket, wide brim or legionnaire styles

Senior Site Campus


Sky Blue check pattern, Button through Princess style, two inverted pleats front & back, action pleats in back, adjustable back belt, peak collar in white, white cuffs with blue trim, white buttons.


Royal, Navy, Grey Chq pattern, Two inverted pleats front and back, adjustable waist, knee length.


White poly/cotton ‘oxford’ fabric, short sleeve over blouse, navy piping around collar and sleeves, GCS in navy on pocket.


White poly/cotton oxford fabric, short sleeve out style with side splits, GCS embroidered in navy & navy trim on pocket.


Navy tailored pants, modern styling with adjustable waist. GCS embroidered in white below pocket on left side.

Or navy tailored pants with belt loops, poly/viscose, GCS embroidered in white below pocket on left side (elastic waist option available).


Navy with GCS embroidered in white below pocket on left side.

Or navy poly/cotton wash n wear fabric shorts with expandable waist.


White or navy short or long socks.


Black opaque or skin tone stockings.


Black leather lace ups or Mary Janes with strap.


Navy woollen v- neck with Gold Creek School embroidered in white.


Navy ‘layer’ jacket with GCS in white embroidered left side or mirco fleece ¼ zipper.


Navy – bucket with white trim.

PE & Sports

Polo- Navy/white polyester with Gold Creek School embroidered in navy left side.

Shorts- Navy polyester sports shorts.

Tracksuit pants- Navy micro fibre pants with white piping and white logo embroidered in GCS.