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Technology Systems to Support Alternative Delivery of Learning at GCS

About the school’s core technological and communications systems, GCS offers the following FAQs to describe how we will communicate and manage learning in the event this OLP is implemented:

Q1: How will GCS communicate with parents, students, and staff in the event of an extended school closure? 

A:   GCS will continue to use the same channels it employs for normal day-to-day communications with parents, students, and staff.  The Principal and Associate Principals will provide whole school information regarding COVID19 related information. Classroom teachers will continue to be the first point of call for parents and students in regard to learning.

Q2: Are the learning management systems (LMS) employed in this plan the same as those used  during normal school operations?

A:   Yes. GCS’s systems are already built on cloud-based systems, including Google GSuite, and Seesaw. Meaning these systems will continue to work from anywhere. We can continue to use our systems even if our sites are inaccessible.

Q3: How will GCS ensure that students have access to these systems from off-site? 

A:    High School Students take their devices home. Students 4-6 will be offered individual school Chromebooks to support at home learning. Students P-3 will be given opportunities to loan a family Chromebook if no other devices are available. All families P-10 will be audited in terms of devices and connectivity. All staff will make individualised phone calls to ensure no family is without device connectivity. All staff will engage in planning for students who may need additional supports for at home learning.

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For any Chromebook issues please call Russell Phillips on 6142 1300 or email

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