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Payments & Voluntary Contribution

To make a secure credit/debit card payment payment you will be directed to Westpac’s online payment system, known as QuickWeb (click here). Westpac will hold your card information and the privacy policy is accessed via the link on the QuickWeb page. All information other than card details will be provided back to the School in order to  reconcile the payment against your account.

Voluntary Contributions

Dear Parents and Carers

The Gold Creek School Board has reviewed the level of family contributions for 2021 and have agreed on the structure below. Please complete family and payment details in this letter and return to the school by:

Parent Name: ____________________________ Student/s: Names______________________________________


Choose one of the options below

Preschool – Year 10

For 1 student

For whole year

Preschool – Year 10

For every subsequent student

For whole year

Option A: Family Contribution to the school



Option B: Library Fund donation (Tax deductible)



Option C: Building Fund donation (Tax deductible)




Enrolment Resource Contribution



Years 7-8 Art/Design Subject Contribution (per student/year)

Visual & media arts, food, Wood & Metal design, textiles


Years 9-10 Elective Contribution (per student/year)

Visual arts, Dance, Drama, Music, Digital design, Food, Textiles


TOTAL (Please enter amount being paid)


Family contributions support the school in many ways where funding allocated by the Education Directorate needs support. Some examples are sporting equipment, library books, resources, computer technology. Contributions are also used to fund curriculum materials in science, technology, languages, as well as International Baccalaureate PYP and MYP program.  (NB: Tax deductible donations are non-refundable).

While contributions are voluntary under the ACT Education Act 2004, and no student will be disadvantaged by not paying their family contribution, your school community relies on every family contributing to the financial viability of the School.  Should you have trouble paying we are happy to arrange a payment plan or discuss other options to assist you.  Please contact Mel Schmidt, the School’s Finance Manager on 6142 1302 to discuss your circumstances.

Payment Methods ☐  Quickweb (via school website)   ☐  Direct deposit      ☐  Credit Card

If you are paying with Credit Card please contact the school on phone 6142 1300 with Credit Card details.

Payments made by Direct Deposit can be made into the School’s Westpac bank account, Gold Creek School Management Account, BSB:032 777, Acc: 001340.

We thank you very much for your support of the school and your child/children’s education.

Angela Spence                                                         Kirsten Maloney

Principal                                                                    GCS Board Chair

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