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Alternative Delivery of Learning at Gold Creek School (GCS) is driven by the vision and mission statement and the following principles:

  • GCS’s approach to Alternative delivery of learning begins with the premise that the learning experiences teachers design within the school environment cannot be simply replicated through distance learning.
  • GCS believes that quality learning occurs in multiple settings, and the home learning setting is core to this belief.  We will support parents to collaborate with teachers and students, ensuring common processes are in place to align with home learning.
  • The invaluable social interactions and relationships that occur naturally among students and between teachers and students is vital to support learning. Online interactions cannot be recreated in the same way and careful planning is required to support wellbeing and to support our vulnerable students.
  • IB Approaches to learning (Communication, Thinking, Self-management, Research and Social Skills) will be explicitly taught to support independent learning skills.
  • Inquiry learning will be at the forefront of learning experiences with a focus on Approaches to Learning.
  • GCS believes that at home learning should not be limited to on-screen learning. Student learning opportunities to read, communicate, and engage in authentic learning experiences, while continuing to be physically active are paramount in the planning process. Further, opportunities to multi-age learning will be supported in the home setting.
  • Teachers will continue to provide timely and specific feedback to support student growth and learning. Differentiation will occur to maximise learning opportunities.

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