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Voluntary Contributions

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Gold Creek School Board has recently reviewed the level of family contributions and has simplified the contribution structure.

The Gold Creek School Board has reviewed the level of family contributions and has simplified the contribution structure.

Contributions for 2017:

First student (Preschool to year 10) — $110

For each additional student — $90

New families to GCS are requested to pay an additional $140 resource contribution.

Family contributions are used to fund sporting equipment, library books, readers, resources and computer technology. Contributions are also used to fund curriculum materials in science, technology, languages and other activities, as well as some additional teaching and support staff.  Further, additional classroom materials and student support is required with our move towards becoming an International Baccalaureate School.  The funds received from the ACT Government are used nearly entirely on salaries, infrastructure and facilities costs (electricity, water, sewage and cleaning), rather than curriculum materials.

You can pay your family contribution in one of three ways. As a:

  1. Voluntary contribution; or
  2. Donation to the fully tax-deductible Library Fund; or (non-refundable)
  3. Donation to the fully tax-deductible Building Fund. (non-refundable)

Students benefit regardless of payment choice, e.g. if you choose the building fund option, we need to spend less on facilities and have more funds available for curriculum. Donations to the library fund enable us to purchase books and resources.

Preferred Payment Options

Payments can be made by direct deposit, EFTPOS, credit card or cheque, the School’s Westpac bank account, Gold Creek School Management Account, BSB: 032777, Acc: 001340.


While contributions are voluntary under the ACT Education Act 2004, and no student will be disadvantaged by not paying their family contribution, your school community relies on every family contributing to the financial viability of the School.  Should you have trouble paying we are happy to arrange a payment plan or discuss other options to assist you.  Please contact Kerry Lyttle, the School’s Business & Facilities Manager on 6142 1307 to discuss your circumstances.

We thank you very much for your support of the School and your student’s education.


When paying for school contributions/excursions etc could you please ensure the example below is followed so we are able to distinguish the family/students that the payment is to be allocated to.

Example: Childs first initial, surname, tutor group & a brief description.(M.BELL,7AB,SWIM)

It is important you send in any payments with the corresponding notes.

Choosing the Building or Library fund as your voluntary contribution option is tax deductable (you must specify which you prefer at time of payment).

School bank details are:

Gold Creek School Management Account

BSB: 032-777 Acc Number: 001340

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