General School Notes

General & Medical School Notes

Known Medical Condition Response Plan pdfsmall (148.9 KB)

Medication Authorisation & AdminRecord pdfsmall (219.8 KB)

Smooth Transition to Secondary School pdfsmall (417.1 KB)

OSHClub Parent Portal Info pdfsmall (627.1 KB)

Family Services Numbers pdfsmall (122.4 KB)

Family Change of Contact Details pdfsmall (284.2 KB)

End of Year Events pdfsmall (119.0 KB)

Voluntary Contributions Letter 2021 pdfsmall (176.9 KB)

2020 Senior School Notes

Pool Fun Day 17 December pdfsmall (275.9 KB)

2021 Senior School Notes

Gold Creek School Competitions 2021 Note pdfsmall (255.3 KB)

ICAS Competition 2021 Note pdfsmall (239.2 KB)

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