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September  2016

Technology in the classroom

Technology is an essential part of being a lifelong learner, and Gold Creek School is committed to providing a technology rich environment to support students. Over the last couple of terms, we have begun investigating best practice to integrate technology into students learning.  We have explored Directorate policy, best practice methods of instruction, sought advice from schools currently using best practice in a variety of settings, and conducted research into future technologies. We have also ran mini workshops with our parent community to gauge support and answer parental concerns.

As a result, Gold Creek school intends to trial the introduction of a “Bring Your own Device” (BYOD) policy to enable students to access and use a device for learning purposes.  Under this model, our students will bring their own devices to school and connect to our school’s wireless internet at no cost to them.


  • BYOD will allow students to access real-world learning platforms that are easy to use and familiar to them, so they can learn, create, communicate and collaborate from anywhere at any time.
  • BYOD provides opportunities for more personalised, student centred learning and makes differentiated learning easier. It allows teachers to cater for individual needs as students can use devices and applications that suit their needs
  • Engaged learners are better learners. Bring Your Own Device allows students greater responsibility in their learning as students are taught critical literacy and numeracy skills
  • BYOD bridges the gap between in school and at home learning as all students can access learning on any device anywhere.

How will it work?

It is envisaged that during 2017, students on the Senior Site will have an option to bring their own device to school to support learning.

It is important to note that this is not compulsory for students to

participate in this program.

What will students do with the devices in class?

Students may only use their device in class when instructed by teachers.  It is not expected that computers will be used in all classes everyday. As directed by their classroom teacher, students may access online resources, or use the school’s online learning platform.  We will be using the Google Apps for Education (GAfE) platform to allow students and staff to collaborate in real time.  GAfE is a cloud-based education platform that offers online productivity tools for learning. The GAfE platform is supported by ACT Education Directorate. These tools allow for collaboration in real-time, as multiple students and teachers can work together on the same document, sheet or project. Students will be able to access this learning anywhere, including in the home setting.  Further details regarding online resources can be found at:

What types of computing devices may my child bring to school?

As this is an optional program for 2017, students may use a range of devices including those already owned in the home setting.  We recognise that cost for families play a significant factor in the implementation of this program and stress that the school does not intend to have families purchase expensive equipment for school use.  As such, we have decided an open model of BYOD, whereby each family can choose their own device.  Therefore, students’ devices may include:

  • Laptop
  • Chromebook
  • Netbook
  • iPads.

Minimum Device specifications are:

  • Able to connect to the school’s Wi-FI - Minimum: 802.11n (2.4GHz)
  • Screen size - 10-13 inch screen size recommended.  Smartphones or Devices with a screen size less than 10 inches (eg. mini iPads) are considered inappropriate as it causes eye strain over time.
  • iPads and tablets must have a separate keyboard.
  • Battery life of 6-10 hours. We are not allowing charging at the school. Students will need to ensure that charging occurs prior to coming to school.
  • Lightweight for portability

What software will be needed on my child’s computer?

No software is required. In order to run GAfE, we recommend that all devices have Google Chrome installed.

How will the school monitor online safety?

The protection and safety of students is a top priority for all staff at Gold Creek.  The platform that we will be using is secure and operates through the Education Directorate domain.  The Directorate has undertaken extensive reviews of access to online resources for education, including how to ensure that we keep our students safe. This also includes enhanced security controls as student accounts are managed by ACT Government identity systems. No student will have access to online platforms until parental permissions are given.

Further information regarding safety can be found at:

We believe that technology focussed learning will give our students the skills to be effective digital participants of the future. As a school, we are continually investigating the challenges involved in a BYOD environment, and are working through any foreseeable issues. Early next term, Gold Creek families will have an opportunity to complete a survey to gauge the support in our school community.  We  value your feedback highly on this innovative approach to learning, and encourage you to complete the survey by Week 3 of Term 4.

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