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Gold Creek Gifted and Talented

At Gold Creek we are committed to providing a curriculum for gifted and talented students that will be academically rigorous, intellectually stimulating and sufficiently flexible to meet their educational, social and emotional needs. Gold Creek School caters for the needs of all our students through differentiation. This is a process of working with each learner and identifying the most effective strategies for achieving agreed goals.

As an International Baccalaureate Candidate school we focus on principles of practice that are essential to the development of the whole person. These include affirming the identity of each learner and building self-esteem, constructing new learning based on a learner's prior knowledge, scaffolding the learning process leading to mastery and extending the learning through high expectations combined with numerous opportunities for learner-centred practice. Students build on their prior knowledge of a concept using research skills to construct new knowledge around that concept.  The learning journey may be different from one student to the next.

We employ a range of educational provisions that are outlined below.

In-class provisions

School and Sector Wide Provisions

  • Clustering- ability/interest groups
  • Negotiated contracts/ Independent Learning
  • Compacting curriculum
  • Pre-test and build on what they know
  • Co-operative Learning
  • Open-ended tasks involving Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Information / research skills development
  • Project based learning
  • Online programs
  • Mentoring –  school/ community
  • Clustering-ability/interest groups
  • Competitions
  • Tournaments of minds
  • Da Vinci Tournament
  • Mathematics Challenge
  • Resource Based Learning
  • Electives – specialisation opportunities
  • Flexible timetabling
  • Clubs (eg Chess)
  • Debating

Identification Process

At Gold Creek we are using a coordinated and collaborative approach to the identification and development of appropriate strategies and provisions for gifted and talented students. Parents, teachers and students initiate the process of identification.  Evidence is provided in a range of formats that may include teacher or parent/carer checklists, student work, curriculum-based reporting, psychological assessments, self-identification and interviews. The school provides access to a range of checklists for use by parents via the school's web site.  The criteria for entry to the school's gifted and talented enrichment and extension programs are made in accordance with ACTEDT policy.

G & T Letter to Parents

G & T Application Form

G & T Planning Sheet for Parents

G & T Fact Sheets

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